Popular Japanese car

We usually use, all over the Japanese car across which I ordinarily come is a district and is special existence in the country besides our country.
First it's durable.
It'll be the condition that it can't be missed that it doesn't break down and that it can be used lengthily for the repair shop with the high quality and the country where a mechanic isn't here so much.
Because there are also no ones as the country where a railway system developed like our country so much, the situation that a car is playing an active part as the movement means by various situations is also related.
Next good of the fuel use efficiency.
The world was eminent for the height of the price of the gas of our country, but that forced good of the fuel use efficiency of the car of our country and each manufacturer forced to compete.
It's said that it's good for the environment that fuel doesn't also hang in a foreign country, and it's the reason which will be watched.
A used car with under valuation is also a popular mark at the inside, and a request of import is informed about from many countries.
It's popular in a good car of the degree, but something I don't go along is also made the target of import.
The reason is capture of the part.
Newness is decided to say, but the part used for repairing of a car is because the good secondhand part of the degree is inexpensive, and it can be used like newness.
If I lay eyes on the view to which many cars of our country run when going to a foreign country, I think I become happy.